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About us

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MB Shiny is a new cleaning company in Bristol.
It was established to meet the needs of customers.

Do you need our help?
Don’t you like cleaning up?
Do you have no time for these activities?
Do you spend too little time cleaning, and are you constantly behind schedule?
Or maybe you neglected your hobbies?
If you answered “Yes” at least 3 times, you are in the right place.

We provide our services just for you!

You are the most important to us. You are a busy man. Leave housekeeping to us. We will take care of your home, flat or office with due diligence.
We perform the entrusted work carefully and on time. Invite us to your home, and you will see how happy you will be when you finish our work.

You can spend the time you gain on a long-held hobby or favourite book. Trust our employees and relax. We will adapt to your daily schedule. We also do work during your holiday or business trip. Many customers have already trusted us. They come back from holiday to a clean house. Clean kitchen, bathrooms and fragrant bedding. Isn’t it beautiful?

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